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Condition: joined 21 days Comprehend the Inner – Creating An

The roadmap was created to support human Yoga open joints, expectations help people open the joints, increase in life expectancy, standardized body, adjust the weight as you want, as well as support adjust some problems about deviation function.

Classes are coordinated through the camera and support for each individual for everyone, get the maximum value when participating in exercise. The exercises are rotating and adjustable depending on the general situation of the classroom.

A number of exercises requiring willpower are also able to experience inner need for people to be able to app master the mind and put his physical beyond the limits of self-awareness, helping people to quickly achieve transformation on the physical, mental as well as social relationships, through the communication and coordination with the coaches and other students.

Route constantly being upgraded and developed with the application of the exercises of the other as tendon change juice and tectonic system, the body axis.

The cost to join is from the heart.


– Healthy joints, creating mucus lubricates movement, flexible, more convenient in daily activities.
– Increase flexibility, endurance and strength of the body.
-Increased life expectancy (the joints are open, then life expectancy will increase from 5 to 10 years)
-The smooth flow of energy in the body.
The exercises will help to stretch and open joints (back, shoulder, groin,...) each session will specialize in one group of joints given and which is attached to the action, stretching pressed plasticity.
Know – News – Understand the role of the muscle groups and how to use, how effective workout to learn how to best apply each muscle group is important to young, healthy, pretty comprehensive.

⏺ 12:45 – 14:00
⏺ Opened frequently (21 SESSIONS from Monday – Friday)

🧘♀️🧘♂️Age: any age also get the benefit when participating

🛒🛒🛒 Prepared instruments:
– 1 yoga mat WiT
– 1 round yoga WiT ⭕️ (height 20cm x diameter 33cm)
– 1 round yoga Myring
– 2 brick

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✨ID: 823 6913 0858
✨Pass: anvui2689
✨Link đăng kí:


❤️Account number: 19037120336012
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