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Triangle is a knowledge great quarter. Through this knowledge we can the material things immaterial: information goods, energy, material goods anythingboth the concept of the invisible in the eyes of humans can also become tangible, from which people can perceptiveness, touch it. At the same time the triangle is the help we know how pick up and transfer is made in a simple way. A person knowing the triangle is actually not going to school anymore, but go get a reality. If they have physical, shall consolidate the information and energy, if they have the energy, then consolidate the information and material.


Any one of us, whether we live in where this world, are also dominated by 3 viewing angle: viewing angle moral perspective, religious beliefs and scientific perspective. One direction more the angle does the thinking of their well formed according to that perspective. But whatever the angle of view and how he is very respectful and a recipe:

This is 2 out of many laws that govern the life of man is the law coast and rule cause and effect. If we sow a character good, see good causes and conditions, then we will reap results as comments. So here is what to sow is good?

In this section, we will together find on HUMAN decisions, human life according to the angle of view of THE doctrine, through the knowledge TRIANGLE a REALITY. Together to the answer to the question: “the source of our life, according to the perspective of reason where is that make up?”


We draw 1 triangle with 3 angles: information – energy and Material. Any things in this world are contained energy source private, structured information within own and have physical expression separately.

For example: Yellow with pencil, there are physical expression different we look, we feel the different. When people are measured in terms of energy, then the energy contained in the other gold with the energy contained in the lead. Further research shall see, the structure information inside of the gold is also another structure information inside of the lead.

So for humans, the physical manifestation of a successful person is totally different with the physical manifestation of the failure. It proves that the energy contained inside of other successful people completely with the energy of a failure. Because inside they do contain different information.

Should ai contains information what's inside will decide the source of that energy, and decided to manifest that material. We imagine, like this: Information contained representatives for energy and energy represent material.

So when you found 1 human expression is something external, then prove they are contains 1 energy source, what information do inside the new expression as such.

For example: When we we observed a people are anger, then we see that from facial expressions to the external behavior very the other with a people happily. So we consider in more depth, then the angry expression other energy with the energy of joy and demonstrates the information inside them contain different.


If we see the physical manifestation outside is RESULTS, inside information has to be HUMAN no? And the main source of energy is COAST.

Human inside the main manifestation is information, external energy is coast and start gathering energy, she special enough, it creates the material is results.

But usually we want to change results.

Scientists have proven that the all materials are able to transform back and forth with each other. And they have turned lead into gold (though spending so many years and cost), by changing structure information inside, energy change change the material, change outside. People have turn cow manure into food, condensed air into the meat, creating artificial diamonds have the ability to stiffer than natural diamonds.

For material, we have done so, also for the changes we are thinking like that?

For example, A healthy person and a sick person disabilities: We have agreed that, khoẻ strong and disease are all manifestations of results no? If we proceed to change the information on the inside of the illness transformed into information of healthy people. Then the energy of the disease will change the energy of the strong. And physical expression will become healthy

If we change the information deep within us, we can change my life.


We have to observe a computer, there must be information contained within the operating system and the software system. Core located in the operating system, if no operating system is not installed application is.

So the information is contained in the human, what are we ?

The man was just at the point for us: what we know, what we believe, what we understand is the information contained inside of us.

Very simple like this: to mention something, we know how about it, believe like about it, understand how it will represent the information within us.

The information in who we are is what we know, what we news and what we understand. Or in words, what we know, what we believe, what we understand will the decision is made life of us.

Sentences that we have the feeling that reasonable? For example, with regard to marriage:

Reality our marriage if considering the angle of the doctrine, then, understand the simple as this: That I know nothing about marriage, I believe nothing about marriage, and I understand how about marriage, decided to implement our marriage.


We see someone is about what, right away we know they know well how about that news, how about that, how about that. No need to learn how fortune-tellers, just we have the concept of the triangle is real. Just in the process of interactive talk, they tell us is: they know marriage in this direction, they news marriage in this direction and they understand marriage in this direction. Then we predict the realization of their marriage.

So someone today are realism marriage as notedthere must be we know, we believe we understand the real benefits not ?


Based on triangulation is real, then we can conclude is before all things in life. What we know, what we believe, what we understand as the language of the triangle is really called concept source.

We contain concept source what will the decision is made of us in that direction that formation.

Mean when referring to something, we get the notion of source nothing about it will represent the reality of us about that. A concept must include all 3 angles know/believe/understand it is called concept source

For example: A people have concept source how about happiness? Or in other words they know how of happiness, news, how about happiness, understand how happy I decided the reality of their happiness. Ai contains many the concept of resource beneficial in human, they are then they will have is real nice.

Based on the reality of a person, we have can go back like this:

  • How are current real as noted meaning they are contained concepts source of disadvantage.
  • Who would have is real nice, reality vertically as noted, they are contained concepts source of beneficial.

And we want to change finishing his real about something, then why? Very simple:

  • Who wants change is real financial his? Then we change the know financial, the news financial, the understand financial. Or in other words, we change concept source financially, we change the reality of financial.
  • Ai want to change is form about health of his ? According corner look this, we we only need to change the know his health, the news of his about health and the understand of his health would change reality health. Or in other words, we change concept of health then we change the reality of his health.


All reality his life generally, are dictated by the concept of his resources. Want to change reality for the better, then we need to change the concept of source in the profitable direction.

Should be 3 first concept we need to grasp the fulness of

  • Scientific perspective for knowledge “recipe source life”
  • Angle religious beliefs with knowledge “structure human”
  • Angle of view morality with knowledge “Triangle is real”


The concept of the source of the source, is the concept source platform, most basic, most primitive, the most known is the reference system. The concept of source of source that the benefit is referred to as the REFERENCE STANDARD.

From the reference standard, then we will develop the concept of resource beneficial. From there, we will change the information in our people in a more positive direction, direction more light.

In human, we follow the perspective of ethics is the concept of the source of who we are.

That personal best in us humans in perspective ethics is the concept of resource beneficial in our people.


3 reference system that we just learn is 3 reference system big, help we we we discusshuman of all the.

  1. Where first is recipe source life: Who among us can feel is based on that which we conclude is everything in my life?
  2. Wednesday 2If the conclusion is not according to the recipe, the source of life, then we get structure human to explain all the work? Explain the work we choose our parents, If the structure of human, based on total career that I was born in that family. Should one start-of mind blame your parents, blame his relatives, then one lacks the perspective on religious beliefs and structure human. Because you can total it so you have to be born in that family. You out in the family that should have to be parents or relatives pinched or in pain, then it's new agreement according to general industry. If merit, merit your good will be born in a family other then. But because the total of such, you must force born in a family, then immediately we realized the mainland. There is 1 kind of enlightenment about human: instantly, there's no resentment avoid the house. Because total amateur herself so I have to bear, but, after understanding, I change the state of awareness of himself, to his return the total of his career.
  3. Wednesday 3in that process, then the source is real, our life it is derived from the triangle is real. For we know what we know, what we believe, what we understand to represent the reality of yourself. What does en dieu more is that we change that, change the message, change the understanding of yourself, then change the reality of his life.


Want to change the reality of a human: we changed the concept of the source, change the words in people by merit merit and change the image in your mind of the life we will change

So if someone please them I a tips to change the life, the you for advice, what?  First, we we have to for they understand, the source of their life due to where make up?

  1. First priority to conclusion is that according to the scientific point of view: By the image of you containing about things that make ? Due to the seed image inside your mind you decide your life is at.
  2. This Monday, due to the frequency of vibration of your energy will decide the deck material you see current of life.
  3. This Tuesday, so you contain the concept of what that decision is real life you


Want to change the image the mind must work to create merit merit, to change the frequency of vibration energy. At the same time learning to change-concept source in the beginning, then life will change.


When we come in contact with someone, that person that is really nice about something to which we aspire towards. If that person gives us the concept of the source of them about it, i.e., for we know they know, they believe they understand well how about that. Then we will get as realistic as they.

Also we want to transfer a reality for others? We only need to let others know, we know how about it, believe like about it, understand how to them. Or say how the way we transfer the concept of sources for them, then they will have is real as we are.