What is that inner you, yet simple to peace?

That is the problem about the mind, relationships, health or finance?

Based on the knowledge precious notions standard and the concept of resource beneficial to be drawn from all 3 angles govern human's moral – religious – scientific.

Understanding inner – creating peace is a journey of 21 days is arranged to expectations help people raise awareness, inner, raising levels of intellectual and stand on every issue that arises.

Through this journey, organize WiT has created an environment for people to not only master the inner himself through an important link that is peace calm mind, which is also expected to help people master the life yourself through 7 the rich comprehensive:

– Rich in wisdom
– Rich state of mind
– Rich in personality
– Rich qualities
– Competence
– Rich physical
– Rich material

7 the rich comprehensive is like 7 lamp will delete melt away all problems of the person, whether it is problem introspective, relationship, health or finances.
7 the rich comprehensive is the thing that the expert, personal and friendly knowledge has to transmit the knowledge to convey back to help humans reach maturity and fullness of the bottom of the figure, and celebrated WiT whose personal charm is the first to spread this knowledge in modern times.
Current roadmap has been spread to the community of Vietnamese people in more than 30 countries worldwide with tens of thousands of attendees have received and metabolism, achieve the certification organizations are participants in many countries most of Vietnam Record recognition. Organization WiT sincerely grateful to the participants received value and diffuse back to loved ones and his friends.
Lộ trình Thấu hiểu nội tâm – Kiến tạo an vui cũng là lộ trình đầu tiên và nền tảng tại Tổ Chức WiT, và cũng là điều kiện để tham gia hầu hết các khóa chia sẻ còn lại của Tổ Chức như tiếng Anh nội tâm Ewit, Thấu hiểu tài chính – Kiến tạo an vui, Thấu hiểu sức khỏe – Kiến tạo an vui, v.v
Journey has the participation fee is depending on the center, you can study before and sent free to the conditions of financial and sense of value that you receive after they've joined the route.
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Opened periodically. Track Group Telegram official of the Organization WiT to update information or contact circuits of you, sister.

📆Time: 19h00 – 23g00

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