E-WiT ENGLISH IN MIND (English Mind) is a department directly under the joint Stock company Training WiT.

English department consciousness was established with the aim of helping students receiving English in a simple, gentle and achieve the desired results in a short time.

With the method of acquisition, acceleration, Capacitors them and especially “Sharpen you mind” (Do sharp memory) E-WiT was and is to help students removed the barriers in learning English, construction and also try English platform, pronunciation like native speakers people, that orient students actively in learning, daily workouts, get confident -- natural -- autonomy through “Movement is real” from our team of teachers and support Team have the experience, expertise and good knowledge of inner depth.

Apply radical philosophy “Education root”, E-WiT help students establish and re-painting – picture purpose to clarity, a specific route of learning English simple reach desire of union.

E-WiT advent with the role as an extended arm of the Organization of Training WiT in the transfer of language inner English to English serve the directory “Education take root” and diffuse the knowledge of human sheer quarter reaching out internationally.

Sincerely grateful to you, participants in the E-WiT ENGLISH IN MIND (English Mind) in the process to create a learning environment and communicate in English simple, fun, confident, gentle.

The language, agree, support and contributions of our students has an important part in the construction and development of robust and sustainable home E-WiT.

The team are active:
ESC: English club E-WiT
E-WiT Dictionary: Team dictionary – translate
E-WiT Kid: Team support for the child from 8 to 15 years old
E-WiT Media: Team Communication
Teaching Team: Team expertise
The class is ongoing and frequency open class:

Grade 1 (Grade 1) – pronunciation basic English (Route 2 months)

Grade 2 (Grade 2) – Practice 4 skills: Listening – speaking – reading – writing (Route 4 months)

The class is scheduled to open:

Grade 3 (3rd Grade) – English in Mind 1 (06 months)

Grade 3 (3rd Grade) – English in Mind 2 (06 months)

Grade 3 (3rd Grade) – English in Mind 3 (06 months)

Summer Kids – English Center for children (02 months)

English Mind-to-business (06 months)

Please contact 0938 874 611 (Ms. Mai) to get details of the courses.

Telegram: https://t.me/+yVS5Rnm-ttBkZTg1