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In part this share, we will be together through about 7 scenes the life! As we already know 7 scene the life (the life no. 7) is the destination to the highest of each of us in this life.

In the shared post ago, we got together and understanding about the Profession dream and life dreams, and we have also mastered in the triangle is about as Effective as it 7 world life is Result of Results as comments. In the share this together, we're going through to get the picture and get the roadmap step by step help we simply reach number 7.


Scene 1: Go to work + Salary = Work

Scene 2: Work + mastering = Business

Scene 3: Business + profit = Career

Scene 4: Career + Mature = Success

Scene 5: Success + good health + family harmony = Happy

World 6: Happy + Helps people happy = Value

World 7: Value + Tv out = Culture.

With 7 world this life, we strive to set goals to reach world number 7 and to a favorable journey, then we at the same time go all 7 scenes world, thuan coast when the gain is gain 7 world always. If the world how are obstacles with you in the present moment, then we can slow that back a beat and the higher world you are trapped. Thuan coast to reach high, it will simply support her to achieve earlier.



Let's go into make clear 7 the life:

1. Go + Salary = job

Going to work is a concept spoken about we have a tool, a means to create value. We have a job to do, day day from work, which help us creating is worth something to society.

According to this concept, then a woman in the home and raising children, cooking and cleaning the house... they still create value every day, so they are still people there work.

Going to work is a very important, this is the first element and necessary, the foundation to improve the lives high up. By only when there is something to do, we have the tools to create value, if nothing to do, we're not created to be worth nothing, don't have the opportunity to help anyone, not volumetric created a merit merit.

2. Work + home = business

Mastery is a concept only about the state of mind of a person when working them active and responsible with all of what they do.


Home made is that I have a job to do, I have totally mastered that task, mastering tools, the means to create value. Discretion commissioning work, how was it, I was a business person, reaching the number 2.

But if such a person going to make rent is paid monthly, but they are really devoted to their work, they proactively everything in the job, they know to do the job what when something happens to them proactively resolves and actively assume all responsibility. So this person has the mind of a boss. But because they're going to make rent, so they don't do the owner of a company, a business, a job that his own, so they have a job, they have enough state of mind to do this, but they are still not considered business.


Because in here it's different, in essence, if hired that have state of mind mastery, the nature is still going to make rent and get others to pay. Also the master in business means his master and himself as the paid, pay others. But a person going to make rent that have state of mind, home, they also soon become the real boss!


In 7 scenes world life, the world no. 2 to no. 3 is still a world hinder many people in society most. Social not many people have the business mindset, the majority still thinking towards school really good professional, it's good to be hired to do the job more delicious with salary be paid handsomely over.


We understand, then, will be the roadmap to change back to thinking. However, the journey up the ladder of world number 7, not necessarily away from from each realm, which we can simultaneously do both 7 world, so the world any longer stuck, longer obstacles, we're not pros charming, make we go make the world other, thuan coast will slowly go back to support us to achieve this. So, if we are not yet had the opportunity a business activity that is temporary, I to the employment business to one side and keep the other world.


3. Business + profit = career

When you have a business activity that it's giving you a profit, you already have a career. When the business which the business field they create profits that means the operation of your business each day, one grows more powerful. You cling to that business and development, you will have a career.

But if you do not have active business, you're still going to make rent, but you accumulate is some capital, you learn how to invest and the investment it out to be profitable, then this person although no business still achieve the life number 3. However when you have an active master of business you will be more simple to achieve in this life.

4. Career + Mature = Success


In this world we focus for growth. There are 3 aspects, mature, mature, on concepts, social relationships and expertise. When we have a tool, the means to do, thuan coast, persisting in his career, for his developed and more mature every day.

Mature expertise is when more of his work, the more we understand deeply about the field of industry there. We become experts in the field and the more often the more we grow deeper and wider. To a time we understand and can sum is 15 concepts source for industry we do: Rule, principle, wrench, formulas, principles, methods, tools – medium; environment, concept, state of mind, capacity, culture, references, concepts and source code. When one scrutinizes the 15 concepts this source, then tacthực maturity of expertise, and simple to pack transfer industry for others.


Mature in terms of social relationships: her work, giving her a chance to with each passing day his expanding and growing his relationship sweeping all over the place. There are 5 levels of the Relationship, including know (You know 1 information about them); familiar (know more than 1 info); endearing (in close proximity may be fun feeling); Trust (feeling safe), and friendship (Trust comprehensive, the same general purpose, companion,...)


When career development agreement charming, we have a chance to mature about the relationship and helps us to connect with people in society, give us the opportunity to interact, learn and create value for people.


Career for an opportunity to mature in its conception, through karmic results, understand the student, and mature take along to 7 the rich comprehensive is rich in wisdom, rich mind, rich in quality, rich in character, competence, rich in physical and rich material.


If we have not yet reached the number 3, not have a career, then in scene 4 we focus on finding yourself a tool, the means to create value to help us be mature about the concept, social relationships and expertise. When reach maturity we simply have to be Successful – Reaching world no. 4. When reaching the number 4 I simple back to support the points themselves also with the lack of in world 3.


5. Success + health + family harmony = happiness


In the journey of creating your dream life and direction to reach the 7 in 7 scenes world of life, in parallel with the development and success at work, we actively enriched health. Understand about health, understand the concept of source of beneficial health, have good photo about health, creating merit much about our health, when it comes to health we have a vibrational frequency of balance and sunflower. We actively training, maintenance, and upgrade health to standard healthy, holistic physical, mental, and social relationships. Help your body reach the standard of health, strength, endurance, balance, and strength.


Thuan coast, we actively build relationships in harmony in the family (small family, large family, and the brother, companion dear).

Each step every day we admin consciousness about health and family relationships, harmony and happiness, then, just as I reached the 4 at the same time we get always the number 5.

6. Happy + Help people happiness = life values

We can't wait to achieve 5 world then started to go to help the happy to reach world number 6, which right from the start we have defined his goal is world no. 7, so when I focus for health, 're healthy, at the same time, we use mind share, help others also healthy.


When we go to build family harmony and happiness, then thuan coast, we also help others get the family harmony, happiness always. We do how to get it we go to share to help people the way we do, or our mind can become the support, help and accompany others to help them acquire relationships, family, harmony, happiness.


On the journey career, the way we do, the way we go how do we achieve success, we also go to share the information or companions lead to them also get success in their life.


Just thuan coast do at the same time, so naturally when we reach the number 5 is that we also have to reach always the number 6 without the time or whatever the extra effort any more. This is the benefit of what we know the destination and understand the route of yourself I will do the things that when we do that, thuan coast, we achieve multiple destination.


7. Value life + Tv out = culture


Live a life of meaning and fullness is when we created culture, being handed down and the value of culture, this will help for millions and millions of people become better every day!


Usually when we finish our 6 world life, we have a product specific, clear, and then we review, packing and delivery processes. But if you wait when reaching the 6 new review and process transfer, it will slow down over many years to reach world number 7.


Basis of ordinary human, we wait to complete the 6 new start transfer is because when you reach world 6 we really feel is how it has specific images and crisp, and then from that new start elaborates it out and go transfer.


However, we absolutely can just do just delivered when we were seeing the product we delivered how it is. Because right from the start embarking on this journey, we have created an image destination, we have synthesized the panorama and detail goods picture out of each of the constituent elements of nephi that picture. So we simply in the transfer process. So there is no need to wait until the complete beginner delivered, that when we complete a step, then transfer always that step. In this way, you only need to when we complete the picture of his dead series also have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of other painting was completed because we transfer every step in the process of doing.


We can understand this through a little example here:

There are people who just tinkering study with longing will create a product something valuable and meaningful. And one day they create the finished product is a gown. This is the perfect product for humanity. After completion of the shirt, people that have the desire to transfer back to the production process, corset series. Because when conducting research, he hasn't figure out specific things I want to create is a shirt. And in the research process,a certain charm that led to him create the shirt. And upon this he's back to research that jacket consists of the part, how to create each of the parts that assemble, combine parts, how... After the process in detail new clear away transfer (Transfer out).


But also there's a guy, he intended to create a product that is the bra. He intended search and intent study of the shirt. Gradually built clear picture of the shirt, each department and how the assembly out how... When he knew exactly to create this shirt I need to have the hands, the neck, the shoulders, the torso... Then right when he produced parts sleeve, he has in turn transfer always how to make sleeve, similarly, when he designed the department does him the transfer is always that department. Because he knows, step by step each part it is necessary to complete a shirt. Until he finished the first coat, it was the time series of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of the shirt is completed and distributed everywhere.


Through this example, we see clear, we can actually transfer each part until now transferred to that when we know the exact purpose to the last of us how and what we are doing is what it is in any part of the roadmap to achieve our destination.


When we get to the destination before we start, this will be driven and will organise the plan, our work is a most reasonable and most optimized. The roadmap of our lives, too, when we see always aim to which all life we want to strive to achieve is the number 7, then we will naturally know what we should do, how, by yourself need to clarify what, need to learn something and that journey should go together with someone, that person how... then we will not do anything meaningless, don't waste any moment in life. Each work we do, each moment we live has become valuable and meaningful.


The knowledge about the Profession dream – life, dream – 7 world life is a knowledge, incredibly amazing, this is also the important knowledge decision journey, our life will be like. Direction for life we don't have to go find craft to do which is oriented purposes we need to be world no. 7 in 7 scenes the life, and to gain 7 world life then we need to attempt to achieve the dream life – a life Record Dai Loc, Thuan. Then we consider whether to achieve the things that we need tools means nothing – it is work, is the craft that we will do.

So after this when talking about the future of their children, we move this question with children, we do not ask these questions-oriented children focused on career again, that we focus ask the child questions to help the subconscious of the child started to shift thinking to myself really wanting to have a life like in the future to get oriented about life, dream and directions to world no. 7 of life.

With this way, right from when the child is still small, we have to help children to position itself to become the big man, shouldering the destiny great. We just need to change the questions with your child, you communicate every day with the kids ... we're really going to contribute to a generation of young, outstanding in every way!


Sincerely grateful to you for reading always love, always and always receive the knowledge about the Profession dream – life, dream – 7 world life, a desire that the knowledge this will somehow help us all make clear is painting life, thuan coast, we have been a career dream of – a life Record Dai Loc, Convenient and simple to gain 7 world life.


Sincerely grateful high just point, sincerely grateful, knowledge, sincerely grateful coast in general industry, gives us the opportunity to get access and to receive knowledge great this quarter!

Please send to the beloved master of us respect deeply grateful, so grateful that we have enough merits to be guided journey to understanding the inner – create peace and live a life full of value, full of meaning! Sincerely grateful to Master!

Again sincerely grateful you read always loved, accepted and spread this knowledge go all the places! Sincerely grateful!

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