Conditions: Has to embark on a journey of 21 days Comprehend the Inner – Creating An

Based on the background of the principle of light, instead of finding ways to solve problems of disease, route 12 days comprehend health – creating an fun to be created, expectations help people understand to creating a healthy, full comprehensive on all 3 aspects of physical – mental – social Relationships.

The route will give us the concept of standard of health to help people take the initiative in mastering the health of yourself and your loved ones. At the same time raise the awareness of mind to help people stand on every issue, belongs to health.

Knowledge in the the share is summarized and synthesized from 4 reference system in oral health that is Western Medicine – Medicine – Nutrition – Folk. Accordingly, those who share not acceptable in any reference system that manipulate and combine the strengths of the reference system this back, towards a single goal is the creation of holistic health for everyone.

To conclude, after participating in this course, we will see is to have a good health for yourself and for loved ones is a simple thing to own.

The cost of the route is free follow your heart.

❤️💎Key share “Understanding Health – Creating Peace”

Condition: participated through the key “to Understand the Inner – Creating Peace”

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