Our vietnam is a country with diverse culture and rich harmony elite between the East and the West. In particular we inherited sources of the ancient wisdom of the rank of his father, through the high and improve the knowledge hidden in society. 

Many generations of our forefathers, the high and improve the knowledge desired ultimate is to put the country of Vietnam becomes civilized, happiness and prosperity. With that in mind, progeny Vietnamese people worldwide have a responsibility to inherit, develop and carry this mission.

Nhận thấy tầm quan trọng và sự cấp bách của việc cùng Đảng và Chính phủ đưa đất nước Việt Nam trở nên văn minh, hạnh phúc và thịnh vượng hơn, đồng thời với sự chỉ điểm của các cao nhân, thiện đại tri thức, nhiều năm qua chúng tôi đã gánh vác sứ mệnh mà các cao nhân và thiện đại tri thức đã ấp ủ, trăn trở. 

The vision of WiT

The vision of WiT is to bring the Vietnam energies of peace, tolerance and sincerely grateful for the Vietnamese people, whose life becomes simple, fun, trust, softer.

The heart of Organized WiT is contributed to Vietnam becoming a center of culture and education of the world, at the same time, Vietnam becoming the export education in the next 15 years.

7 The Rich Comprehensive

Education the Root of Vietnam is Held WiT develop into the philosophy of education aims to increase awareness, inner, raising levels wisdom for the people of Vietnam, oriented to the Vietnam mature take along to the maturity of the child who is 7 The Rich Comprehensive:

(1) Rich intellect

(2) Rich state of mind

(3) Giàu Nhân Cách

(4) Rich qualities

(5) competence

(6) Rich physical

(7) Rich material

Experience in organizing and training courses of WiT

During the past 9 years we have hosted hundreds of school and training program about: inner – health – finances – happy family to experience the philosophy of Education the Root of Vietnam.

The program has spread throughout the country and Vietnamese people in more than 30 countries around the world have also get the value from the program. 

Tens of thousands of Vietnamese who had received the application and can experience this education philosophy. They had the metabolism of depth perception, the inner life of them becomes an even more fun, family harmony – more happiness, better health, respect – appreciate life more education of children-simple, more gentle, more effective work life, physical and mental full the spiritual self peoples are enhanced and as beloved country, Vietnam.

Spent 9 years of research, application and spread this Education philosophy, we are aware of the importance, benefits, and the most precious of the knowledge in the philosophy of Education the Root for the people of Vietnam in particular and the world in general. 

Can say Education, the Root of Vietnam is a philosophy of special education to help transform and elevate awareness of inner human in a profound way. At the same time simplified to sync perceive the interior of the Vietnamese people, globally, to help Vietnam become, tamales, and more in communication, the more harmony in the relationship and unite the nation over. 

So, we decided to promote training, promote, spread the philosophy and Education model the Root of Vietnam to each Vietnamese family around the globe.