Conditions of registration: joined route comprehend the inner – creating an

Love mean anything to you?

Love is emotional, sweet, warm of heart? Is motivation of transformed human? Is the foundation of good relationships with people? This is the point to activate financial?

If love is really important to you, then there are a roadmap that will help you clarify the know – believe – understand about love, words that make you simple to have is real love.

The route that name is understanding love – creating peace, based on the platform comprehend the inner roadmap focused on doing painstaking clarification of the concept of the source of love, with key is to love yourself, expectations help people do, big love for yourself from which to extend out to loving families, organizations, and society.

Through 12 sessions, share, route comprehend love – creating an fun will deploy 3 angle of love includes information of love – energy of love and physical chemistry of love.

At the same time will also expand the concept of sources related to the levels of love that correspond to the levels of the human mind, the language that expresses love,...

The route is recommended comes with the join the journey love – the journey to practice love is team serve created to help people understand and find the love in yourself.

The route lasts for 10 sessions. Participation fee of the route is free follow your heart.

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