21 day instead tendon change the

Is a journey key of the organization training WiT to create wealth for people.

A disease is no healthy – A healthy person does not have disease.

One of the key to a healthy body is active.

So, athletes how to be fit. Where is the point of a healthy body strengthen.

Firstly, Air, long ago the high was for we know that Air is the source of strength. A source gas is abundant is the solid foundation of all movement, only need we breathe properly, and get on the air source from the foot of raw, the strength of the us to immediately change and grow more powerful through training to breathe properly.

2nd is, if regarded gas as a power source, then the muscle is conductor power cord, power good led is much, wires has good power, though much is also not effective. Similarly, muscle development, then the source of the air new abundant to be applied effectively and expression strength outside.

3rd is the tendon remember back in the movies we often see, dragons are considered animals most powerful, but a dragon has been drawn away the stalks of the tendon, it was viewed as disabled. System, tendons, especially system splash back is one of the deciding factors to the strength as well as physique human.

Therefore, to help people elevate physical health as well as advocacy, journey 21 day instead tendon change juice is a roadmap include exercises to practice on the air, muscles and tendons. Through 21 this day, there were many participants shared that they had turned extraordinary things into extremely normal as shrugged his heels 10.000 so, run the 21km, swimming pool 2km. Besides, there is a lot of other implementations of improving health, beauty, or physiological, is also the participants share back. Depending on the merits that each person will get different implementations.

The roadmap begins with the theoretical part and share reality to help people understand the concept of source you have health benefits, on gas, on the system, tendons, muscles, as well as the results that journey can bring. Then people will be guided breathing to get on the air source from the foot raw.

Next is the post-launch help blood circulation, activate the joints and tendons muscles. The route continues with the transfer exercise is key 12 movements instead tendon change juice to put air circulation throughout the body and improve physical strength, comprehensive.

The rest of the journey will be practicing the lessons learned along with the movements, strengthen tendons, muscles, or increase the gas is put into alternating according to the date.

Journey been in place for 21 days and the shared key is opened continuously serving the participants have the desire to navigate to the rich physical. Fee is depending on the mind.

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