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Through the knowledge and concepts source platform on the mind, plus the experience and the order of the knowledge about finance from a variety of experts, route comprehend financial – creating peace will help us to do painstaking clarification of the triangle is about finance, including information – energy – physical, financial as well as help us understand the know – news – learn about finance through 15 concepts source of this industry.

The route starts by helping participants identify the roots of financial and explain reality, the current financial position of each person. Then these experts share will give us the concept of resource beneficial to tectonic re-root good financially.

Through 8 concept about money, you will be able to create emotional state and relationship building better for the money, with the money, and with the rich.

Then, is really about the energy source, in accordance with the financing will be transferred, with the key is energy sufficient for finance.

Finally, the material culture of the triangle is the financing will be the theory of the 5 indicators smart financial experts share in the roadmap drawn from knowledge of the leading experts in the financial industry to help us turn to the roots of financial built before that of the fruit of finance “delicious can't imagine,” especially through the secrets of the financial world in the last session.

The duration of the journey is 12 sessions. Fee is depending on the mind.

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