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In the process of upbringing of the child grow and mature, the question we often put out for the most is “Later grow up I want to do?” “I wanted to study, how?” or “child dreams of following what is this?”... Those questions, however, have different languages but are the same in meaning, would like to ask about industry in the future of the child.

The way we ask the question for you, is the way in which we shape the future of the latter. We orientation of the profession is in the child's mind will always be focused on looking for a craft to do.

When the child grows up, can be a profession that I love and the gracious help you achieve what you desire in life. But also when made profession of his love but I don't you help me satisfy the need in life. The child will recognize the profession that the child always dreams no longer fit into my life anymore and so I had to change careers, find another job to do, and luc this profession, I want to search is a profession that helps the child to meet those needs in the life of the child


There are you, are from the dream to become an artist, passionate with the drawing, want to draw all her life in war... Suddenly shelved, go find a job with the desire to simply earn enough money to pay living expenses, and tuition of the children you.


So craft dreams not a destination, which is a tool, means, help us achieve the life that we desire, or also known as life dream. Then life dream is seen as a destination that we need to focus ask questions and future directions for you right from the start, to every work I do, every effort of all accrued on the journey to help achieve a life dream.

With this awareness, we redirect the focus on laying out the questions clarified about life paintings that you desire to be a life like? “How to achieve life dreams that?” by the way did we help shift the orientation, rather than just focus on the profession, the child learns to focus on life.

When the child focus on his own life, the child has the perplexed, and longing to find about a life you want to live, then the child will gradually clear picture about the future life of the child. When that work profession what it is viewing is a search engine media, create value, for added charming achieve life dreams.

It may not be the favorite profession right from the start, but it's work that when we do, thuan coast help me achieve the life I dream of. On the journey to create the dream life we'll always cherish the work with source energy sincerely grateful, we will love and what we are doing.

So dream lives, there really is the ultimate goal in life of each of us? When achieved the dream life, then we will be like? What will we do next then to life the dream becomes sustainable and each day we continue to create value for people.

Luckily, the man was just at the point for us that we have a journey called 7 the life. We focus on to reach number 7 in 7 scenes world life, then that really is the meaning and high value the most in life and then we reach the fullness in life!

According to the law of cause and – Cause – and-effect, then the Profession dream – living the dream – world that life is the result in our lives.

According to the triangle is about as Effective As you Craft dream is your result, as the life dream is precisely the Charm of results such as italy and the life (world no. 7) that is the Fruit of the Results as comments.

The following, we will together turn clarification to understand the 3 concepts Craft dream – living the dream – world life.

Part 1: LIVING the DREAM

First we together through Life dream is a life like?

Are we have a lot of dreams for his life, people were eager to have the work done, the desire to have more money, the desire to have a nice home, have a car rental, there is health, there is beauty, there are many friends, that desire can travel, experience life everywhere, have the wish itself has social status, status, have power... There are so many desires different then how do we determine what is the general formula to each one of us achieve the life that we dream of!

Fortunately for us, the high was just the point that, a life dream, is a life Record Dai Loc, Thuan. When achieved Record Dai Loc, Thuan we simply to experience life according to their own style and this meet every need, every desire of all of us.

So life Record Dai Loc, Thuan is life like?

The higher the multiplier only point for us that life Record Loc The Pros are life to achieve fullness in 6 aspects.

  1. Time freedom
  2. Financial freedom
  3. Family harmony happiness
  4. Travel the world
  5. Freedom to develop myself, to expand and develop the relationship quality
  6. Good health


Together we learn and clarify each aspect on it!


1. Time freedom


Time freedom is a concept that talk about being completely mastered his time. I want to make time for who they are intended to be, want to take the time for what were intended to be, that it does not impact or affect the other work and the mind we are completely comfortable when spending time for that person and that.


Free people time is the person who always has spare time to do whatever they want or is the work lies in material default of themselves. Free people time is the plan to use the time for the important things in life, they know they spend their time for work, how to aim, what. So they are idle and not idle with nothing to do.


Free people time is the person who always has time to create value for yourself, your family, organization and society. Other than the groove salvation has nothing to do then would be to time-lapse waste, not value-creating what.


2. Financial freedom

In the current society are two concepts of financial freedom.

Concept firstly:

Financial freedom is when you do not need to do anything to directly make money or is the most restrictive can work to generate income, but they still have the financial resources to help them satisfy their lifestyle to the rest of his life.

For example, A person needs to spend each month of $10,000, it will satisfy is, life style, and they are profits from the investment, for rent, for rent, land, property rental and monthly bring in income minimum $ 10,000, then they are considered financial freedom.

But this can really make sure that they will financial freedom to the end of life or not? When social life the pile, then cash flow to help them financial freedom can also be included or not? If the guarantee is not affected anything, you can feel secure about themselves have financial freedom. But if, when there are incidents, fluctuations will directly threaten or even make them lose the source of income to financial freedom, then. For example, the incident of the pandemic Covid 19 business to a screeching halt, many are paid, the property is paid, the investment market stocks dropped like a stone for the income of the investors also tottering even lost all your assets. Upon this they are no longer sources of the island to bring in about $ 10,000 to satisfy life style casual day. They take away your financial freedom.

Concept no. 2:

To understand the concept of financial freedom, we need to understand a few more concepts about finance.

Easier to understand, we take an example of a person who has a level of spending $ 10,000 shall be satisfied, life style, this example is used throughout the 5 concepts of finance below:


Earned income greater than or equal to the cost need to spend. Mean monthly earn from $ 10,000 and above.



Financial security is a available financial accounts or assets equivalent to (but ensure liquid asset, when need is all liquidity is). Financial numbers have been enough to spend 3 years and still ensure the life style.


Financial safety = $ 10,000 *12 months *3 years = 360.000 usd



Financial independence is owned financial or property to sufficient liquidity to satisfy the lifestyle to the rest of his life. This number depends on the number of remaining years that people that want to live life.

For example, Current is 30 years old, intends to live up to 125 years old, the remaining 95 years.


Financial independence = 10,000 usd* 12 months *95 year = 11.400.000 usd



To achieve the level of financial freedom, you need to own the money 5 times the Toxic financial.


Financial freedom = 11.400.000 usd * 5 = 57.000.000 usd



Heritage financial depending on each person's desire to leave a legacy how much for the family, for the children, be social... But when I think about the world heritage sites, the numbers need to be shaped is usd


According to definition number 2 this level of financial freedom is the level is guaranteed, notwithstanding the fluctuations or changes in the family, in the country or around the world, there still does not affect the number of finance to ensure satisfying her life style.


3. Family harmony happiness

A family in harmony, happiness is a family of the language – consensus – companion; And the concept of source – brass – copper-frequency vibration of love – Sex and Finance.

About loveGay language is use the same language of love the language of love is what and for already fit.

Consensus is what is related to love, we all trust each other, support each other.

Companion's together go through and enjoy the experience, the note balance, bass note in love, have the same goals in love, proactive, trust each other, comprehensive and always proactively create value for each other, sincerely grateful for each day.

Concept source is to have the same understanding of love the same, the same reference system with the same concept, same sources, when someone learned a new conception of love that feel like they actively share to both have the same understanding of the same.

Copper is both have a common image about love, there is generally another purpose to fall in love, both have some image about love the same, paintings, about love, about marriage, about family, about parenting, about the future course both are a common image in mind.

Clock frequency vibration is when it comes to love, both have the same emotions, have in common mode vibration of love the same.

Similarly, in the edge sex and finance we also language, agree, companionship, concept, brass, copper vibration frequency to each other.

If we built such a family, the two people almost similar each other completely, when there is no any conflict or contradiction would appear. A family that places people in the family that they always see the good points in each and every day how big good thing of the same, always the mind to the relationship is becoming increasingly integrated and happy! A family where only look at each other well enough to understand heart each other think, and in the two people always do nice things for each other, it is a family harmony happiness.

Here we just be clear about the harmony, happiness of two people, but also the concepts and understand how we extended out with the relationship between parents and offspring, and between members of the family together. When the whole family together, and one the family will be peace, harmony and happiness. Each passing day will add to cherish and love each other more!


4. Travel the world

Travel the world understood simply eat the most delicious food in the world, spending all the money in the world and watching all the beautiful scenery in the world.


But it is important and meaningful than it is to experience these things with anyone. When qualified to achieve travel the world, and that's great! But you think about it, if get to experience travel the world with someone I love, it would make this wonderful thing will be up!


When experience traveling the world together with his family is amazing this will multiply and when there is both an organization, a community where there are people, tamales, consensus and co-operating with each other on throughout the journey of life... have you ever thought it would be great to what extent? It is delicious can't properly visualize not what!


When we travel the world, we not only get to experience and discover the world with the people we love and connection. We get to experience together, together to enjoy the delicious food, the beautiful scenery, the service, genuine shells all over the place... that was wonderful!


Not only that, we not only together, enjoyment, that we are still human, together, make up a journey to the initiative to create the value, the service, the knowledge and the experience interesting and great for anywhere we go through, for whatever coast how we were meet to we just enjoyment travel the world just created a journey to yourself developed and mature, be extended connection with the relationship quality across the globe.


Go where we also have a brother or sister, any where in the world is family and when the world we make for family day a grown up, the world on a small back! You have felt the great when we are traveling the world does not! It's really good, we together experience dentistry! Together we create a world mystical, full of inspiration, full of hope, full of happiness and joy!


5. Develop yourself and develop relationships


The freedom to develop themselves, orientation clearly reveals the painstaking clarification desire excruciating, clear communication path and actively create media tool to perform desire. In this journey know themselves need to cultivate the necessary order, the knowledge of what and for myself is the freedom to learn and develop themselves to fit with the route I chose.


When you want to learn, want to develop themselves in aspects, the field would totally have the freedom of time, freedom and financial for their expansion ability to learn, absorb and metabolize.


When necessary, through any field, always qualify and simple to find who is the master lead, find the right source of knowledge needed, timely and at the right time. Always give yourself the opportunity to be mature, professional, expert social relations and notions about life to simply become a more intellectual, more wise, more erudite and wise. Home life and their own destiny, make itself becomes more valuable every day.


In the development yourself, you create conditions and allow myself to be connected and develop more social relationships, quality help to have more intimate relationship, trust each other, and comprehensive journey we go always with the high only points, you help employees circuit connections, talent, dedication shouldering, the god of your support, expert , teachers for moral and good knowledge open intellectual. Always get the language, consensus and companion on the road together made mission!


6. Good health/ Healthy

According to the world health organization (WHO), the healthy was relaxed state comprehensive physical, mental and social relationships, it not only is the state not have the disease.

Physical health

A person whose physical health is the coa, strength, endurance, endurance, balance and speed.

To management is physical health, we do not focus on clarifying the concept, because in jute if just saying the concept, we hard to get pictures, to get and possess the healthy physically, we will have the movements to exercise and measured for verification (this Section we will learn in the course Instead tendon change juice and understand health to be held education WiT open class taught monthly through zoom)

Mental health

Mental wellbeing is a state that when that inner we always happily – Ever and Sincerely grateful. (Part this knowledge you are invited to read at the energy of the Mind or the rich state of mind)

Health Social 

Is a state of complete comfort when connecting and networking with people. Who has health, social, who is always active, expand, build and develop relationships with people. Active upgrade social relationship level up endearing -> trust -> close. The scale of the health society is based on the number and quality in the relationship. We aim to build yourself 500 intimate relationship, then this whole world can become family.


When we achieve the healthy, comprehensive on all three aspects, physical, mental and social relations, then we who are strong comprehensive. In fact, we humans have unlimited desires, but health is the most important thing to decide themselves have made the wish to be or not, as intended, and any dream will also need to health (physical, mental, social relationships) it can be deployed.


Health is life! So when we have good health this is incredibly awesome and incredibly blessed treasure! Have good health, we're convenient to go anywhere, meet anyone and do anything that we want.


The high was only to the point, if we at the same time, gaining all 6 aspects Continental Loc University Approved this, then our lives will be convenient and simpler.


Now we are together to spend 3 minutes to draw circle wheels Continental Loc The Agreement of yourself!


You get 1 sheet of paper, draw a large circle using ink writing, divide the circle into 6 parts. Turn recording 6 aspects of the Dai Loc, Thuan (Time freedom; Financial freedom; family harmony; travel the world; develop themselves and relationships; good health)


We specified with each other about the level of couple satisfaction and to scale in each aspect. At the center of the circle is 0 points equivalent to the satisfaction was 0%, and points far the most is the way the circle is 10 points, the equivalent of satisfaction is 100%.


Then in each aspect, you take a self-assessment, self-scoring of the level of satisfaction of you for each part, okay.


Then you connect the points you have defined on each aspect and color the part you have achieved, then gaze at and admire the circle Record Loc Đaị Agreement of myself, sincerely grateful for what you already have is for each part and together find ways to improve the part itself not satisfied and plan to do the full circle Record Dai Loc, Thuan his!

We envision, his life goes on a road and on that road there will be advantages, things like the... it's the ramp flat. But also the difficulties and obstacles it like the potholes, the bumpy, the deep pit on the road.


What life we are the co, it is the circle Record Dai Loc, Thuan we just draw. Its the same look and the same figure this thing out.


If we have a circle Record Dai Loc, Thuan relatively circular, but small, when rolling on the road of life, meet the bumpy, the deep pit, it will easy to fall down and get stuck.


If we are circle Record Dai Loc, Thuan has not circular, it will create drag makes the move takes a lot of effort and difficulty.


Circle Continental Continental The Agreement it means move in our lives, so when the circle as circle, then roll the cake as smooth, convenient, circle larger and larger pits, potholes, bumpy roads, obstacles on the road... the circle is still simple, gently rolling through unharmed.


After we identify the circle Record Dai Loc, Thuan, we will see that we have satisfied for any aspect aspect which is not yet satisfied. We are favorable in any aspect and are the real as in any aspect. From it prepare for a journey correcting for growing circle and circular.



But how to do big and round circle Record Dai Loc, Thuan? There is not any point is low, angle any missing much we focus on it to improve for it? In fact, we only need to understand the principle of operation of the circle Record Dai Loc, Thuan, we will know where are aspects of human, where is the aspect belongs to the coast, and where is the aspect belongs results.


Sincerely grateful high was the only point for our knowledge about the law of cause and – Cause – and-effect for us to understand that want to change the results, then we need to focus on change and the impact on the coast, it will favorably change the outcome as we desired.


In 6 aspects of circle Record Dai Loc, Thuan, then angle aspects develop themselves and develop social relationships, which are considered part Human. So we just need to focus on developing themselves and build social relationships, quality is gradually aspects remaining to be filled up. So what do we do to develop myself?


We focus on the hone for yourself about the concepts, social relationships and expertise. We need to learn how to become a successful person, a person that others want to be near. A person who has intellectual scholars, state of mind and joy personified the qualities elite capacity, export them... and become valuable.


Give yourself the opportunity to be learning and becoming who meet 9 types of people in a (human, you human, human circuit, the god of wealth, talent, ascended masters, specialists, teachers, compassion, knowledge); become the 4 types of people in a (collecting games, wise, erudite, and wise), and become the master in all 4 aspects of life (Inner, health, relationship and finance). Become a scrutinizes the Coast of Results, scrutinizes human, mature, excruciating to the maturity of the people that lad 7 the rich comprehensive: Rich in wisdom, rich mind, rich in character, rich in quality, rich in power, rich in physical and rich material.


Priority focus on the development aspect angle development themselves first, then focus on exercise, because when there is health, we can accomplish your dreams and even when the enjoyment of life also need to be healthy as a whole to enjoy.


Next comes the more we focus to build a family harmony happiness, a family with full of love – sex – financing, where the concept – at the same frequency of vibration – set and the place is full the language – consensus – companion.


After focusing on developing full enough for the 3 aspects develop yourself, good health and family harmony, we will focus on financial freedom and when it thuan coast, we learn how time management to become due time and together travel the world.


What we have is a life Record Loc The Agreement is the first step for us to achieve the dream life. Life dream is a destination in the life of human to reach the destination, then we need to create yourself a tool appropriate means and tools means that the is Profession dreams. Together, we're going through about Craft dream in the share next it! You are invited we're on the same track!


Thankful for you reading was always interested in loving and received the knowledge of life dream!

Grateful high only points! Thankful knowledge extremely great quarter that we received! Thankful I have used mind sharing helps us a day through and transfer goods to us to have a life dream, and become more valuable every day! Again, I sincerely appreciate it very much!

(Of part 1) (continued...)

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