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As shared in previous articles about the Craft dream is precisely the tool means to create value, help us achieve the dream life and the grace help us to reach number 7 in 7 Scenes the life.

The previous article has helped our understanding of a life dream – a life Record Dai Loc, Thuan, for we have a clear picture of a destination in life for every step we conquer, achieve, and there is a life dream to thuan coast than in supporting others to achieve all the wishes in their lifetime.

In part this share, we will be together through the Profession dreams.


Characteristics of the profession dream is a profession which ensure the criteria as a long - make – healing. Craft that will bring benefits to serve for the existence and development of human and craft making dream must ensure the income finance to ensure satisfying the needs and style of his life.


First we together learn about the concept of It. It is a concept derived from the Japanese, the Japanese had studied very deeply and are used very long life, today's philosophy about It is still a philosophy be widely used and it still took about the value and significance for human, when looking about the profession dreams.


It was common point (point of intersection) between 4 circles represent work that body LIKE work that body GOOD work that meet SOCIAL NEEDS and the work that created the MONEY (income/financial).

Together we draw 4 circles intersecting each other, forming the point cut and piece together. The intersections between the circle of his love, and his good is called PASSION.

The intersection between circle the meet social needs and the creation of money is called WORK.

The intersections between circles work well with circles creating money is called domain EXPERTS.

The intersection between circle the like and the work that meet social Needs is called MISSION. The common part of all 4 circles is It.


When choosing start doing something, then It is a tool only that, we choose the work of intersection between the 4 circles. When that work is considered to be CAREER DREAMS.

But in fact to find out the craft belonging to It, it is also not easy. Maybe fumbling all my life still haven't found yet. Fortunately, we have only the point of a tool more simple to find the Career of their dreams. That's the triangle is the Profession's dream.


We use the triangle is to take the profession dream about angle information, goods, energy, goods and material goods, then look into the triangle this reality we simply to clarify and achieve the information, angle energy from that simple to get angular material.

In the triangle is the first real turn 3 angle information – energy – physical, we have to Demand social – Like – mind.


We need to start from a work that when doing this work will help meet social needs. Social needs, should have the solution to serve and the work we do that is the solution.


A job that we like. Love is an emotional state can be when we have a state of vibration power from within the ocean. So when we are working we like, we will have an excitement, a source of strength, a passion that helps us work, as do the more excited.


Love is an emotional state that it depends on the personality of each person, or at each different stage, there will be ones we like different. So if merely choose what I like to do it, also easily lead to work after a period of no longer like it anymore.


So we need to have a system of new awareness for the we Like. We need like all his work. As said above, love is the vibration state power from within the ocean, so when we do any work, what we just need to put the vibration state power from his inner state, sunflower, then we will always get the passion excited to work.


But if, when you start work, we have not actively taken the vibration state in the positive direction, then we have a simple way to adjust slowly, it is starting to love the value that industry we bring to society.


For example: myself don't like cooking every day, every time it comes to cooking, we've always appear image in the mind of the furnished furniture, frying oil, heat, then have to clean up the “battlefield”, the more I think so the more we don't want to cook. But if it was work that required us to do, they would be each day will be very hard to find the joy and happiness in the work of cooking.


So how can we find the excitement, joy, like when cooking? This is very simple, we just need to look at in a different perspective, look at the value of each when we cook, the family is eating meals delicious, nutritious, good for health. Thanks to the delicious meal that families are connected to each other, gather warm. In every family meal, the funny story is to tell, create a warm environment, kept childhood so sweet for the child.


Just we love the value that nature we will feel happy and when I think to the cooking we will always see the value meal brings, will naturally be fun and love the cooking.


With every field in the job, or occupation, and it always has the value of its own, if right from the start I can't love it, I love the value of that work to create and enjoy the happiness of a people profession and create the value that!


Next will talk about the center with the profession. High only to the point when we determine the center with the career, profession, no problem. When we mind with people who do not have problems.


The mind with the profession is state steadfast and devoted all his dedication to doing something. When the mind with the profession, I always see the good points of industry which, and I always want to make the fine points that up every day.


To get to the center first, then we need to choose to be a work in accordance with the needs of society, to do that work how much do social still are always in demand. And we do the work that is to serve the needs of and bring value to society and when we do, we always loved that job. Just enough 2 elements, then we specify the mind is to the profession.


To better understand the concept of the mind with the craft, we will go together to refer to a following example:


Our mind with the profession is the same as the us planted a tree, huge. To get a tree to big, then the first thing we must do is select a seed trees to plant. We can't plant a tree rice, corn and sit and wait one day it will become trees, because varieties of rice, corn capital is not the same trees. The breeding tree it is the same as that we choose a career service needs, long-term social and as long the growing demand, as do the longer you work there the more developed.


The Monday we need to do that is to find a suitable space for a tree grows, a natural environment, extensive land for enough trees growing conditions without limitation. The trees we see often is going to grow in the village, growing in the garden, big or is in the forest... It brought the same old tree that grown in pots small land, the tree also does not grow to be.


The Tuesday decision tree we planted can become trees or not, it is decided by the center, about long, long time. No trees planted 1-2 years that become trees are all. But if we plant trees to the ground, a few days we pluck the root up, then planted again, a few months back pluck the root up, and then went to re-plant... Then a tree that is very difficult to be able to become trees.


Instead, we only need to choose the same tree, and carried it to the garden, to planting, and the trees planted there (Fixed origin not spit up – like fixed tagging a tool media creation value), day care, cultivate watering, this date, month, day, year after, then that tree will stay vibrant and growing every day to a date even though we have not watered take care of it all a few years or a few dozen years that tree still continuing to grow among nature.


We do a craft, too. We only need to choose the right profession, the career development then we will also have massive career and firmly rooted, like trees.


Round triangle 2 things we need to learn about listening to dream that's GOOD – SINCERELY GRATEFUL for – MONEY


We have chosen the right seed craft for sowing and day we're going to develop it. Every day we always effort to turn the complexity of the work becomes simple and easy. We often work that simple, and we always use mind, always contain nice picture about your career, then we simply to become a better person, an expert in the field you're doing.


Every day we are sincerely grateful for the work we are doing, we see the values that work bring me, thanks to the work that we are becoming good people, we have a place to professional development center, to be mature. We always want to make career that grow more and bring value to society more.


In the process of work, thuan coast we earn money. And here is the money received from the create value, help people, so that the coins bearing the full of energy happy.


We don't expect demand to be paid, that people feel satisfied and happy when we help them circumvent problems of them. They pay money for us with the energy of the sincerely grateful. The currency we get about is the currency of full enough!


Keep the state of mind and energy so for work every day, we give away or receive back are also very joyful and happy! We become a full-value, and the main task is the tools and means to help us create the value to go!


Round triangle's 3rd career dream is to IT – MATURE – SUCCESS


We just go through the route choice of profession dream, including the criteria of a profession to meet the needs of society, a profession that we love, we're going to the center with the profession, we have become better and have the energy sincerely grateful, at the same time it helps us to earn the coins carry enough energy full and happy.


After agreement of 6 criteria above, then this time we have achieved the craft in the criteria It by yourself. We begin to make each value in each corner, information, energy and material of the profession dreams.


The next criterion we choose it as a profession for us maturity.


Here, we have a saying very or “pursuit of success not sure there is success, but pursue maturity, there will certainly be successful.” So the maturity what is here?


The mature factor is one's core competence. Maturity is expressed through 3 aspects: professional, social relationships, and the concept of life.

Of expertise is when more of his work the more we understand depth of field industry we do, we become an expert in that field and as often as develop a deeper and broader. To a point I can clarify is 15 concepts source for industry: laws, principles, key, formulas, principles, methods, tools – medium; environment, concept, state of mind, capacity, culture, references, concepts and source code. When one scrutinizes the 15 concepts this source, then we really mature, professional, and simple to pack transfer industry for others.


Mature in terms of social relationships: her work, giving her a chance to with each passing day his expanding and growing his relationship sweeping all over the place. There are 5 levels of the Relationship, including know (You know 1 information about them); familiar (know more than 1 info); endearing (in close proximity may be fun feeling); Trust (feeling safe), and friendship (Trust comprehensive, the same general purpose, companion,...)


A job gives us the opportunity to mature about a relationship is a work in helping us connect with people in society, give us the opportunity to interact, learn and create value for people. A job for we get 500 intimate relationships, trust, comprehensive, have the same purpose and companionship together.


Work for an opportunity to mature in its conception, through karmic results, understand the student, and mature take along to 7 the rich comprehensive is rich in wisdom, rich mind, rich in quality, rich in character, competence, rich in physical and rich material.


When we choose a job that fully meet the above aspects, then we simply get a career along with the growth of the bottom, then we simply get the success.


A work that is responsive for us all 9 aspects on then this is a CAREER DREAM. Craft, dream is the most effective means to help we are eligible and simple to achieve life Record Dai Loc, Thuan – LIFE DREAM, and is the basis, the foundation helps us to gain 7 WORLD LIFE.


In everyday life, must'm sure we've all heard so much about from success: Rise early to success; create successful life, successful journey, conquest, success, achieve success... And we too often or wish someone happy, successful...


So, in a perspective that is Success viewed as a destination that many people dream of and strive all my life to touch it. So what is success and how is success? And if we consider success is the destination, then there is a difficult question here that is Successful then I will do what again? Will go to about where and how will after we succeed?


There are many successful people, even success at a relatively young age, financial prosperity, family, fun, harmony, happiness. But when they succeed, they gain prayer life. They stop, don't do anything anymore, there are many who choose life, about the garden, relax with trees, grass, birds. Have the option to use money to travel, to enjoy the rich, lavish...


But there is a fact exists that there are so many successful people, and then a few years natural and the success of it no more, financial closed, no revenue and incurred the expenditure... happy family suddenly arise contradictions, breakup... Success and happiness suddenly just fake temporary.


This is easy to explain, because we are human, we live among society, around us there are many relationships and our impact, and influence each other. If we are successful, that the social relationships around us are also successful, then that will be more sustainable than just his us success still around, they are living difficult life.


For example, When we attempt to achieve success at the age of 40, then the child is learning university. After 5 years, 10 years... The life of the child does not achieve success, family, cousins of us have difficulty... we can't ignore the difficulty that their. So if in this context, the relationships around will be the invisible rope still pull us back. Gradually long enough... we lose always success are inherent in his.


So when we succeed, we're happy, we stop and enjoyment, then that becomes fragile and bad luck rather have the certainty and ensure sustainable. We need to find ways to help those around her, so they both become successful and happy, then the relationship that will not last, extreme journey yourself. But work has kept be successful durable or not still depends on the fluctuations of the society and depends on our leader.


Through the above analysis to help us understand that success is not really a destination. These goals must be higher than all the success, the new help for our lives become better. So lofty goal, what is it? It is fortunate that the high was only point for us that have a journey that we spend a lifetime to conquer that is the journey to gain 7 WORLD LIFE. And throughout this life we strive to achieve the world number 7, the life of us really fullness.


So 7 scenes world of what is life and the life 7 is the life like? Together we will follow in the share next to the same understanding and knowledge create for yourself the number 7 and gained a life fullness in the life of yourselves!


In this article, please sincerely grateful to you for reading have always loved and embraced the knowledge about the Profession dreams. When we understand the knowledge about the profession dream, we will choose for themselves is a tool and means to create sustainable value, and when we as career development, the more convenient, attractive and simple to achieve the life of their dreams!

Sincerely grateful people see the glass love has always been an every day, helps us to understand the knowledge about the mind to simply create a life of joy!

Sincerely grateful High just point and knowledge great, help us simply to get craft dream and convenient charming achieve the life of their dreams!

Again sincerely grateful you read always cherish, embrace and spread the knowledge great this quarter to more people so that we together have a life dream and the grace to help others achieve the life of their dreams!

Invite you to read together, we understand the knowledge about 7 scenes about life in the share next! Sincerely grateful!

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